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Update: Virtual Presentations are now part of our toolkit

This virtual recipe has a whole new set of rules and also gives us a lot of new ingredients to work with! You need to engage your audience in a different way. Let’s embrace this new way of working and master the skills of virtual presenting. 

Create a Spark with your audience

A presentation can be that one moment to share your idea with an audience. We want that moment to be an experience so that your idea gets a heartbeat.

You want your presentation to create a spark with your audience. It can be your starting point leading to a wildfire! To create a spark, you need the combination of 3 ingredients:


(Presentation Design)

If you want to create a spark, you need material that can catch on.


(Story building)

The best way to heat up the room is through story.


(Presentation Delivery)

If you want it to reach an audience, you need a chemical reaction.

On A SHELF in our Mind Palace

Simplicity In Design (2)

Simplicity In Design (2)

Sometimes it is painfully obvious that too many people have worked on a product, everyone needs to have their say. It feels cluttered, wordy and over-complete. That's the case...

How to ask questions in virtual meetings

How to ask questions in virtual meetings

There is a restaurant in Amsterdam called Ctaste. I would recommend everyone to go there (AFTER COVID!). Not because of the food – which is great – but because they do one thing...

Let’s grab coffee!

Let’s talk about your next presentation and see how we can enhance your visual story. Or maybe we’ll find other ways for me to help you on stage. Let’s grab (virtual) coffee and we’ll figure it out.